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Running a dental practice is a huge under taking, and doing it profitably is a huge challenge. One that is mostly misunderstood by the general population. 

It's not just about general dentistry anymore, patients know of the standards they expect and will not compromise. 

The biggest challenge currently is working on an NHS contract profitably or leaving your NHS contract and maintaining enough business to grow. 

Dental Tools
Dentist Tools


Coach Tim is an experienced Business Coach who offers contemporary advice on building a successful practice. With a deep understanding of the challenges you face in the health and wellness space, we can help you in areas from patient acquisition and marketing your practice, to creating a patient journey, business planning, growth strategy, utilising the diary effectively, and leaving the NHS contract.

The process

The first step is that we'll schedule a discovery together. This allows us to explore the challenges and or requirements that you have. 

During the call it will become clear how we can work together and really what works best for you but it is important to make sure that we remain fairly organic in approach. 

We'll create a to do list together, get started and regularly review output.

Orthodontic Checkup
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