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Manager Blocks

Being a manager (especially a new manager) in todays workplace is hard and a mine field of rights and wrongs which ebb and flow. 

These blocks have been hand chosen to help managers from all industries to start seeing things differently and get the best from their team going forward. 

Business meeting



1 Hr

No matter how good a manager you are I guarantee, there will be instances in your career when you have to deal with poor performance of a team member. I will give you practical tips on how to get people back on track before they become a bigger problem. 

Giving Feedback
1 hr

A word sure to strike fear in to employees hearts. But why? An appraisal shouldn’t be a bad thing. This module will debunk the standard process and give you a system that will see your team happy and engaged by the process. 

Managing remote workers
1.5 hr

The way you give feedback as a manager is so very important to the engagement and welfare of your team. This 1 hr module will look at the ways to deliver feedback positive and negative that will make it constructive and useful. 

Remote working has seen huge growth in the last 2 years. I think its great for people who can to work from home. But managing those workers now comes with its own different challenges. We will look at how successful companies manage their remote workers and keep them delivering. 

High performance
1 hr

This fun module will explore what business see’s as a high performance team. We’ll look at how your teams can evolve to become recognised as high performance in themselves. Everyone wants to be in the high performing team. 

Train the trainer
1.5 Hr

For managers and team leaders that are imparting their knowledge to others. The process this module teaches is recognised and has been used in blue chips for years because it works. It will help your team retain time when training staff members and get it done effectively once. 

Crisis management
1 hr

This 1 hour module will show a quick and easily adopted process for crisis management at work. Dealing with crisis in a structured way will help you overcome the challenge and most importantly break it down to learn from it. 

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