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Hospitality Blocks

Hospitality is a challenges industry to work in, but can reward people with a fantastic career. Getting service right for your audience is incredibly important to ensure return custom. As we move into a more challenging economic position customer will be scrutinising more than ever so they spend their hard earned cash in the right place for them. 


Table service
1.5 Hr

Branded Service
1.5 Hr

All too many servers now don’t have training in table service. Understanding the top level and scaling it back is the only way to get your team functioning properly. This way we can easily choreograph service that fits your business. 

Your own brand of customer service is a great way to be remembered by your guests, keep them coming back and telling their friends. This is because you have a unique and effective customer service from arrival to leaving. This module will identify the stages to look at and what sort of thing works. 

Body Language 
1.5 hr

Understanding the body language of your guests will save you time and effort whilst helping to give your guests the best possible service. The devil is in the detail as they say and recognising the subtle body language of your guests will prompt effective interaction. 

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