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Workshops by
Coach Tim

I currently have 3 flagship workshops that have been proven time and time again to engage people and give them effective tools to help get the best from your people and give them the skills to move their career forwards effectively.

Workshops can be delivered either internally or as part of a wider group in person, online or even in the Metaverse.  

I am also pleased to say that Coach Tim now offers a longer terms solution to team development. Developing your people shouldn't be a once a year occasion. It should be ongoing and at the front of your teams mind. 

So I have pulled out all of the modules from workshops past and present to allow you to build your own Workshops or set of mini workshops delivered every month. 

Contact me to discuss the needs of your team. 


Managers Bootcamp

I am willing to bet that most of you never received any training to be a manager... 

We have managers to ensure that our teams are delivering on their specific objectives for the business, so why wouldn't you arm them with the skills to deliver. 

This workshop will give your new and experienced managers the skills to not only deliver their teams objectives but to surpass them by getting the very best out of each individual. 


Customer Service-

Presenting is one way to ensure anxiety in your team. But it doesn't have to be that way... Presenting is one of the biggest skills needed in business and is rarely taught! Which is why we sit through some god awful presentations. 

The best presenters follow a process and understand some key rules which over this half day workshop I will unveil to you. 

I guarantee that this workshop will make you more comfortable and a better presenter whether it be pitching or delivering information internally. 

Getting your customer service right in hospitality is absolutely imperative in order to attract paying customers and repeat customers. This workshop will give your team a higher understanding and great set of skills to help them deliver a fantastic experience for your customers. 

We shall teach them how to deal with complaints and manage expectations, meeting and greeting, telephone skills, body language and much more 

Flagship workshops are priced at £450 per delegate for 1-3 people

3-9 is a flat fee of £1500.

Coming soon

Blockchain & Metaverse in business

In conjunction with Chris Burgess from Future Tech IP we will unpack what the Blockchain and Metaverse is, what impact it has already had on business the world over and what it likely looks like for the future. 

We'll then look at how you can use them in your business to ensure that you're there as the shift happens. 

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