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What has Tim been upto?

For the past couple of months, Tim has been busily working on an exciting Educational Project in Cumbria. This initiative is all about bringing cutting-edge technology to the hands of teachers and students alike. By integrating a number of inspirational programs, the project aims to open up amazing learning and career paths for everyone involved.

But that's not all. Tim has also been collaborating with his cohort of amazing SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), helping them take the next steps in their journey. For some, this means team and manager development, while for others, it involves exploring fundraising opportunities to fuel their growth. Supporting SMEs has taken Tim on travels from Glasgow to Edinburgh, Manchester, and London. This year has seen investment of just over £1m into this cohort helping them meet their objectives.

Looking ahead, the next few months are set to be just as busy. Tim will be expanding the "Surviving Stress" program, working on forecasting and target setting with one of his oldest clients, and delivering "Mastering Management" to three groups across the North, tickets still available for South Cumbrias course in September.

Stay tuned for more updates on Tim's journey as he continues to inspire and drive change in education and business development!

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