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Successful Restaurant Owner


Great managers achieve

The New Managers Workshop is designed for those new to management or who want to refresh their skills set. The day focuses on getting the best from your team and yourself by recognising motivations and needs amongst other great modules. 


presenting is everything

There is one sure fire way of making your team nervous, and that is to ask them for a presentation. What ever the role, it is important to be able to present effectively, clearly and be engaging. 

These skills are hard to come by, but this short workshop will give your team the skills to do it better. 

Paying at the Store

Customer Service

The experience is everything

Now more than ever customers are looking for their experience as well as great product. Let's upgrade how we give our customers that experience. 

Customer Service

The basis of all we do

The basics of customer service are what sets you and your business apart. This workshop will arm your team with those basics. 

Waitress Serving Food
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